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Never Perish

"Never Perish!" by J. C. Ryle, offers a profound and reassuring exploration of the doctrine of the final perseverance of the saints. Ryle meticulously argues for the unwavering security of the believer in Christ, anchored firmly in the promise of Jesus that "they shall never perish" (John 10:28). This treatise, originally delivered with the aim of bolstering the faith of God's people, remains a potent reminder of the enduring nature of salvation.

Ryle begins by addressing the common fears and misunderstandings that often cloud the believer's assurance of salvation. He asserts the Bible's clear teaching on the matter: once a person is truly regenerated by the Holy Spirit, their salvation is secure. Ryle systematically dismantles the objections to this doctrine, employing Scripture to affirm that true believers are preserved by God's power and will indeed persevere to the end.

One of the central themes of "Never Perish!" is the distinction Ryle draws between the outward, visible church, which includes both believers and non-believers, and the invisible, true church comprised solely of those genuinely born again. This distinction is crucial for understanding the doctrine of perseverance, as it is only the true church that benefits from the promise of eternal security.

Ryle also considers the practical importance of this doctrine, highlighting how it provides unparalleled comfort to believers amid the trials and tribulations of life. The assurance that they will "never perish" serves as a powerful motivator for holy living, spurring believers on to greater faithfulness and obedience.

This work is a clarion call to both wavering souls and confirmed believers, urging the former to embrace the security offered in Christ and encouraging the latter to live in the light of this glorious truth. Ryle's earnest plea is for all to examine the state of their souls, to embrace the fullness of the gospel with its promise of eternal security, and to live lives that reflect the transformative power of God's preserving grace.

"Never Perish!" stands as a testament to the comfort, encouragement, and challenge that the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints presents to the Christian believer. It is a timeless reminder that those who are in Christ are secure in His hands, saved to the uttermost, and destined to never perish.

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