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What the Bible Says About the Doctrines of Grace - Categorized Scripture List

"What the Bible Says About the Doctrines of Grace" is an expanded edition that meticulously categorizes scriptural references to articulate the Bible's teaching on Unconditional Election, Total Depravity, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of the Saints, underscoring the sovereignty of God in salvation. This comprehensive scripture list, accompanied by succinct notes, aims to illuminate the divine truths and encourage a holistic grasp of biblical doctrine, emphasizing these teachings as not mere human conjectures but the very words of God. The appendix adds theological reflections and pastoral insights, deepening the reader's understanding of these doctrines' profound implications for faith and life.

Recently, providence afforded us the privilege of engaging in theological dialogues with fellow Christians who hold differing views on several key doctrines, particularly the doctrines of grace. In the midst of these discussions, the imperative to anchor our understanding in the bedrock of Scripture became strikingly apparent. Given the sheer volume and persuasiveness of scriptural testimony on these matters, it seemed most prudent to compile a categorized list of scriptural references. The intent behind this approach is twofold: firstly, to highlight the undeniable fact that the doctrines we discuss are not mere human conjectures but the very teachings of God as revealed in His Word; and secondly, to organize these divine truths in such a manner that facilitates a comprehensive and systematic examination of Scripture, thereby encouraging a holistic grasp of biblical doctrine.

While several resources online provided similar compilations, none quite matched the specific sequence and depth I envisioned. Consequently, I was compelled to construct a tailored scripture list that would not only serve our immediate discussion but also act as a valuable resource for others who tread this path of theological inquiry. The result of this endeavor is what you find before you—a compilation predominantly composed of Scripture, interspersed with succinct explanatory notes to aid understanding.

Below, you will encounter both a condensed version for a quick overview and a detailed version for in-depth study. It is my sincere hope that this resource serves to illuminate the rich tapestry of divine truth, guiding us to a more profound and reverent understanding of the boundless wisdom encapsulated in God's Word.

In this expanded edition of the book, we are pleased to introduce an appendix that provides a succinct yet insightful commentary on each of the five doctrines of grace. This addition aims to deepen the reader's understanding, offering theological reflections and pastoral insights that underscore the profound implications of these doctrines for our faith and life.

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Condensed Version

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-- Unconditional Election

-- Total Depravity

-- Limited Atonement

-- Irresistible Grace

-- Perseverance of the Saints

Appendix: Commentary on the Doctrines of Grace