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Walking with Jesus

"Walking With Jesus" by Mary Winslow (1774–1854) is a devotionally rich compilation of spiritual meditations, designed to accompany believers on their journey through this life towards their eternal home. The collection, derived from Winslow's letters and diary entries, offers profound insights and encouragement for navigating the complexities of faith in a weary land.

The book begins with a meditation on the Christian journey, emphasizing the importance of divine comfort and the constant need for the Holy Spirit's guidance. Winslow eloquently speaks to the soul's tendency to forget its divine purpose and origin, urging readers to seek a closer walk with God, amidst the distractions of a transient world. She highlights the paradox of earthly attachments, reminding us that God often breaks our worldly cisterns to lead our hearts to seek the eternal joys above.

Winslow's reflections are steeped in a deep awareness of the fleeting nature of earthly pleasures and the enduring substance of heavenly promises. She calls for a steadfast gaze upon our heavenly home, encouraging believers to live as pilgrims and strangers, disentangled from the allurements of the world. Her meditations serve as a guide to maintaining a heavenly perspective, fostering a spirit of readiness for the ultimate union with Christ.

Her poignant reminders of God's sovereignty in "All Events Are in His Hands" and the encouragement to "Keep Your Eye Upon the Cross of Christ" serve as anchors for the soul amidst life's tumultuous seas. Winslow's intimate reflections on suffering, grace, and divine love resonate deeply, offering solace and strength to those walking the path of faith.

"Walking With Jesus" is an invitation to a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ. Winslow's tender and persuasive writings call us to consider the transient nature of our earthly journey against the backdrop of our glorious future with Christ. Her insights encourage us to persevere in faith, to cherish the cross, and to set our affections on things above, transforming our pilgrimage into a journey of joy and anticipation for the heavenly home that awaits us.

This book is a treasure for anyone yearning for encouragement and wisdom on their spiritual journey, offering timeless truths that guide the reader to walk more closely with Jesus, the source of all true comfort and joy.

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The Christian Journey

All Events Are in His Hands

Keep Your Eye Upon the Cross of Christ

This Light Affliction

What a Debt of Love We Owe Him