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Summary of Christian Doctrine

"Summary of Christian Doctrine" by Louis Berkhof is an essential resource for anyone seeking a foundational understanding of Christian beliefs from a Reformed perspective. Aimed initially at high school students, this concise work distills Berkhof's larger "Systematic Theology" into a more accessible format without sacrificing depth. It covers a broad range of topics such as God and creation, humanity's relation to God, Christ's person and work, the application of redemption, the church and means of grace, and eschatology. Berkhof's methodical approach ensures that each doctrine is thoroughly explained, making it an excellent tool for both personal and group study. The inclusion of review questions and suggestions for further study at the end of each chapter enhances its value as a teaching aid and encourages deeper exploration of the faith.

Year of release
Table of contents

    Part I: Introduction
        Chapter 1 - Religion
        Chapter 2 - Revelation
        Chapter 3 - Scripture

    Part II: The Doctrine of God and Creation
        Chapter 4 - The Essential Nature of God
        Chapter 5 - The Names God
        Chapter 6 - The Attributes of God
        Chapter 7 - The Trinity
        Chapter 8 - The Divine Decrees
        Chapter 9 - Creation
        Chapter 10 - Providence

    Part III: The Doctrine of Man in Relation to God
        Chapter 11 - Man in His Original State
        Chapter 12 - Man in the State of Sin
        Chapter 13 - Man in the Covenant of Grace

    Part IV: The Doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ
        Chapter 14 - The Names and Nature of Christ
        Chapter 15 - The States of Christ
        Chapter 16 - The Offices of Christ
        Chapter 17 - The Atonement Through Christ

    Part V: The Application of the Work of Redemption
        Chapter 18 - The Common Operation of the Holy Spirit: Common Grace
        Chapter 19 - Calling and Regeneration
        Chapter 20 - Conversion: Repentance and Faith
        Chapter 21 - Justification
        Chapter 22 - Sanctification and Perseverance

    Part VI: The Doctrine of the Church and the Means of Grace.
        Chapter 23 - Nature Of The Church.
        Chapter 24 - The Government And Power Of The Church.
        Chapter 25 - The Word Of God And The Sacraments In General
        Chapter 26 - Christian Baptism
        Chapter 27 - The Lord's Supper

    Part VII: The Doctrine Of The Last Things.
        Chapter 28 - Physical Death And The Intermediate State.
        Chapter 29 - The Second Coming Of Christ
        Chapter 30 - The Resurrection, The Last Judgment And The Final State