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Satan's Sophistry Answered by Our Saviour Christ

Updated to modern English

"Satan's Sophistry Answered by Our Saviour Christ", a seminal work in Puritan theology, explores the nature of Christ's temptations and his victorious resistance against Satan's deceptions. Perkins, a prominent English Puritan theologian, articulates the temptations faced by Christ and parallels them to the spiritual struggles encountered by believers. The book emphasizes the significance of Christ's triumph as both a model and a source of strength for Christians facing their own spiritual battles. Perkins' profound insights offer a rich exploration of Christ's human and divine natures, showcasing his role as the ultimate victor over sin and temptation. This work is a valuable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of Reformed theology and its interpretation of Christ's life and teachings.

"When the Devil heard our Saviour Christ quoting Scripture, he imitated Christ and began to cite Scripture as well as He did. Therefore, we must be cautious about accepting the doctrines of heretics and false teachers even if they seem to support them with Scripture. The Devil has his 'scriptum est' (it is written) at the ready. We must learn to test the spirits, that is, evaluate whether the doctrines of people are from God or not (1 John 4:1) lest the Devil and wicked individuals deceive us. Here we see how the Devil can quote Scripture aptly to further his own purposes. It is a subtle tactic of the Devil to cite Scripture to persuade people to accept his damnable doctrines leading them into heresy and schism. For this purpose, he grossly misuses the Scriptures. Even when he seeks to" - William Perkins

"Seeing our Saviour Christ now the third time answers the Devil by the scriptures saying 'It is written,' we learn that the written word, believed and understood, is the most sufficient weapon to confute and confound Satan and his vile temptations. Otherwise, Christ would not have chosen this weapon for the third time, saying 'It is written again.' This refutes the Papists who differentiate between two Scriptures: one unwritten and inward, which they call traditions and the consensus of the fathers throughout the ages, and the other written in the Holy Scriptures. They consider their unwritten scriptures and the consensus of the fathers to be of equal authority with the written word of God. However, our Saviour Christ demonstrates that the written word is the most powerful means to repel all of Satan's temptations." - William Perkins

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To the Right Honourable Sir William Russell

The Printer to the Reader

Satan's Sophistry Answered by Our Savior Christ

Master Perkins' Prayer before his Sermons

A Comfort for the Feeble-Minded

Sundry necessary observations suitable for a Christian