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Predestination and Effectual Calling

Translated by Anthony Marten

"Predestination and Effectual Calling" by Peter Martyr Vermigli is a profound theological exploration of two central themes of Reformed theology, meticulously examining the doctrines of predestination and the calling of God. In this detailed work, Vermigli discusses the intricacies of these doctrines through a clear exposition of biblical texts and logical reasoning, providing a rich resource for both theologians and lay readers interested in the depths of God's sovereign grace.

The book is structured into detailed chapters, each considering different aspects of predestination and calling. Vermigli starts with a thorough examination of predestination, grounded in Romans Chapter 9, where he unfolds the doctrine by discussing its nature, definition, and the controversial issues surrounding it. He addresses the effects predestination has on humanity, its implications on the concept of free will, and whether it imposes any necessity on human actions.

Vermigli continues with an exploration of God's calling and grace, illuminating how God's call is not merely an invitation but an effectual action that inevitably leads to the conversion of those whom He has predestined. This is further linked to discussions on faith, the certainty thereof, and the theological nuances of fear and security, which oppose true faith.

One of the unique aspects of Vermigli’s treatment is his balanced approach to addressing common objections and misconceptions about predestination. He meticulously argues for the pastoral and theological necessity of preaching and discussing predestination, defending its place in Christian teaching and its importance for understanding the full counsel of God.

"Predestination and Effectual Calling" is essential reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of how divine sovereignty and human responsibility interact in the economy of salvation. It provides not just theological insights but also practical guidance on living in the light of these truths. Vermigli’s work remains a compelling testament to the enduring relevance of Reformed theology in helping believers grasp the profound mysteries of divine grace and salvation.

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Table of contents

The Third Part of the Common Places of Peter Martyr

Chapter I. Of Predestination. Based on the ninth chapter of Romans

Chapter II. Of the Calling of God, and of His Grace.

Chapter III: Of Faith, and the Certainty Thereof; and of the Vices of Fear and Security, Which Are Contrary unto the Same: Also of the Nature of Our Adoption, and Hope, and Union with Christ.