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Only a Prayer Meeting!

"Only a Prayer Meeting!" by C. H. Spurgeon, is a collection of forty addresses delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle and other prayer meetings. This compendium showcases Spurgeon's unwavering commitment to prayer and his dedication to fostering a vibrant prayer culture within the church.

At the heart of this book is Spurgeon's conviction that prayer meetings are far more than mere gatherings; they are pivotal occasions where believers collectively draw near to God. He passionately argues against the casual dismissal of prayer meetings as 'only a prayer meeting,' highlighting their immense spiritual significance and transformative potential.

Spurgeon's addresses are rich with biblical exposition, practical wisdom, and his characteristic eloquence. He explores the essence of prayer, emphasizing its simplicity, sincerity, and profound impact on both individual believers and the church at large. Through compelling expositions of Scripture and heartfelt reflections, Spurgeon provides invaluable insights into the nature of prayer, the posture of the praying heart, and the incalculable worth of communal prayer.

Moreover, "Only a Prayer Meeting!" serves as a clarion call to the church today to revitalize its prayer life. Spurgeon identifies common pitfalls such as formalism, lack of faith, and the neglect of united prayer, urging believers to approach prayer with earnest expectation and a deep-seated faith in God's willingness to respond.

This book is a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom and a profound reminder of the central place of prayer in the life of the church. It beckons every reader to experience the joy, the power, and the divine fellowship that is found uniquely in the communion of prayer.

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Table of contents



"Only a Prayer-meeting!"

Prayer-meetings: as they were, and as they should be

Business Prayers

God's Willingness to Bless Saints and Sinners

Confession of Sin

"I Pray you to Fasten your Grips"


Genesis 4:26

Genesis 15:1

Genesis 42:22

Exodus 17:8, 9

Exodus 33:14

Leviticus 26:15–18; 23–25; 40–44

Psalm 61:2

Psalm 81:16

Psalm 119:126

Isaiah 6:1–8

John 15:2

John 19:19

Acts 2:1–6; 33–41

2 Corinthians 1:11

James 4:2


An Interruption Improved


"Trespassers, Beware!"

The Silent Steam-roller

The Steam-roller and the Stone-roller

Two Common Dangers

A Little Sermon from the Painter's Brazier

A Life-belt for Daily Use

The Eye, an Emblem of Faith

"Nothing to Say"

Fasting and Backsliding


Preaching to Sinners

A Full Christ for Empty Sinners and Saints

"Steal Away to Jesus"

An Address to Sunday-school Teachers

Fellowship with God's Greatness

Timely Cautions

"Tempted of the Devil"

"We shall Get Home; we shall Get Home"

C. H. Spurgeon's Hymn for an Early Morning Prayer-meeting