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Of Free Will

"Of Free Will" by Peter Martyr Vermigli is a seminal treatise that considers the intricate debate on free will, a topic that has long been a cornerstone of theological inquiry and philosophical discourse. Vermigli, a distinguished figure in the Reformation, brings his erudition and doctrinal precision to bear on this complex subject, offering a work that is as relevant today as it was in the sixteenth century.

The treatise embarks on a rigorous examination of the concept of free will, a term Vermigli notes is not found in the Holy Scriptures, yet what it signifies cannot be lightly disregarded. His exploration begins with a nuanced discussion on the philosophical and theological foundations of free will, drawing a clear distinction between the capacities of human will in relation to divine will and the will of celestial beings. Vermigli's discourse is deeply rooted in scriptural analysis, offering a rich study of biblical references to underpin his arguments.

Central to Vermigli's argument is the distinction between the state of free will before and after the Fall, highlighting the profound impact of original sin on human freedom and ability to choose the good. He navigates through the states of human existence—from the prelapsarian condition to post-fall corruption, regeneration, and eventual glorification—providing a comprehensive theological framework to understand the dynamics of free will within these stages.

Vermigli meticulously addresses the limitations of human will in the face of divine grace and predestination, engaging with the teachings of Augustine and other Church Fathers to reinforce his points. His treatment of the subject is both deep and accessible, ensuring that readers from various backgrounds can grasp the depth of his theological reflections.

"Of Free Will" is an academic treatise and, more importantly, a pastoral guide that aims to lead the reader to a deeper understanding of God's sovereignty and grace. Vermigli's emphasis on the necessity of divine intervention for true spiritual regeneration and the believer's reliance on God's grace for salvation serves as a powerful reminder of the gospel's transformative power.

This work stands as a testament to Vermigli's theological acumen and his commitment to reforming the church's understanding of key doctrinal issues. It is a must-read for theologians, pastors, and lay believers alike, offering profound insights into the nature of free will, human responsibility, and divine grace.

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